Online Training

SEW-EURODRIVE's DriveAcademy® offers the following materials to help customers perform basic maintenance procedures on motors and brakemotors. We also offer an extensive self-study training program for all distributors at no charge. It is available online through SEW’s learning management system (LMS).

Maintenance and Repair Instructions
 Gear Unit - Service and Maintenance
 Brake - Adjustment
 Brake - Disc Replacement
 BM(G) Brake Service and Maintenance
 BE Brake Service and Maintenance
 Brake - Complete Brake Replacement
 Motor - Stator Only Replacement
 Motor - Pinion Gear Replacement
 Motor - Complete Motor Replacement
 Motor - Changing from High to Low Voltage (R76)
 Motor - Changing Conduit Box and Cable Entry Location
 DRN.. Motor – Stator Only Replacement

 TorqLOC Installation (128kps)
 TorqLOC Installation (1024kps)
 Energy Savings/Total Cost of Ownership (128kps)
 Energy Savings/Total Cost of Ownership (1024kps)

Learning Modules
 Introduction to Inverters
 Increasing Your Speed Range (Supercharging)
 Understanding Nomenclature

 Book 300 (use with Nomenclature Module)
 Nomenclature Vol 1 - Decentralized Components
 Nomenclature Vol 2 - Gears, Motors, Cabinet VFDs
 DT/DV Gearmotor Nomenclature